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Need information?  Hearing aids?  Hearing test? Audiology services? Consultation?  Email us at info@fortwaynehearing.com!

Inquiring for your self, a friend, relative, parent or loved one?   We can provide basic information, educational links (ex.  Mayo Clinic, American Academy of Audiology..), clarify test results, provide professional information or consultation.   We are experienced & professional with graduate degrees in Audiology and have worked with the hearing impaired since 1976.   We have the experience of seeing many technology advances and can dissiminate the wealth of information, so that you can relate it to your hearing needs.   We do dispense hearing aids, but do NOT approach your hearing loss from a retail format, where you will be met with a sales promotion.   Educate yourself!   Ask questions!  Review information.   Schedule a hearing test or have a hearing aid evaluation and trial fitting if warranted or interested.    A hearing loss is more noticible then a hearing aid, but the use of hearing instruments are most benefical and effective when you are motivated to try one.

Topics:    Hearing testing – What is a Hearing loss,   Hearing protection,  Hearing Aids (completely in the canal?  micro behind the ear?  Automatic?  Transitional?  Background noise reduction? Cost? Rent? Lease?  Payments?  Insurance -third party?)   Too many questions…?   call and schedule a free hearing screening and consultation, or email us.

Order batteries too.

Hearing aid repairs!   For over 30 years we have been helping to make hearing aids last longer.   Save time and money.   Free estimates.   In house hearing aid repair lab.   Retail upgrade is suggested every 3 to 5 years, but today’s digital instruments will last you 5, 10 to 15 years thanks to the easy reprogramming by our in house computer, and with some hearing instruments by just using your smart phone’s app.

If you would like to have some literature to review on hearing, hearing loss, hearing aids or scheduling a Free hearing screening,  you can either call us at 426 3409,  1 800 832 0290, email us at   info@fortwaynehearing.com, text us at 260 433 9111, or just stop by our main office in Fort Wayne, centrally located with easy access at 333 East. Washington Blvd. and free parking outside our door.

We also offer free hearing screenings at all of our service centers in Angola, Auburn, Berne, Huntington, Kendallville, Wabash and Warren.   Call for dates and times for our  weekly Walk-in clinics.   Or, subscribe to our newsletter for direct information and discount specials.  Send us an email to info@fortwaynehearing.com today!

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