Summer 2022 Special!

Experience the smallest digital and automatic hearing instrument available for new users or for individuals that need to upgrade their hearing.    Free in-office consultation and demo’s available by appointment.   10% discount for anyone responding to this website’s information announcement.     Reference code:   06072022.   NOTE:   there aren’t any constraints on this offer.   Our office is a professional facility, and there fore we provide professional services, not “… 3 day specials..”,  or the like.    If a consumer discount is provided by a manufacturer, we will readily make it available to our patients.   We accept most insurance plan’s Medicare Advantage programs as well as Indiana Medicaid assistance, and will work with any specialized hearing health care coverage plan.    Although Medicare standalone insurance does not provide for hearing aid assistance, it does allow for professional, audiological services.   Medicare Supplemental or Advantage plans are now offering discounted or direct access to hearing aids through their own dedicated third parties, of which we would be the direct service provider.    Schedule a hearing evaluation to address any hearing issues, needs or questions (Gradual onset, inadequate hearing aids, tinnitus (ringing in an ear), issues with understanding casual conversation, telephone, to name a few.)…

“10 people wanted to try new…”   We don’t promote short term promotions or lead in offers.   We evaluate your hearing and your hearing needs.    period!   After reviewing the results and your hearing history, you are welcome to take a set of digital demo hearing aids for a test drive.   It is far better that you experience their probable benefit in your home or work environment, and then make a judgement as to their benefit before deciding on what level of technology is appropriate for your hearing needs, or not……

Technology levels vary from the most basic, for those that just want or need hearing assistance at home or in random casual listening situations (card game, conversation for a family member or friend).   Or something more sophisticated for intense listening situations with multiple speakers, or in noisy environments.

We have featured  Phonak hearing products for the last decade, due to the consistent product quality and flexibility to address most hearing needs (and cost constraints).   Phonak is a global leader in hearing instrument development and research.

Unitron is another name brand associated with Phonak, manufactured or distributed from the same facility outside of Chicago.    Additional advanced technology also available from  Widex (address tinnitus or ringing in the ear issues),         We also have extensive experience with the Signia products, which evolved from the  Siemens engineering group and is now part of the Widex – Signia Audiology group;  GN Resound (owner and manufacturer of Beltone retail products) , in addition to the major manufacturers Starkey  and Oticon ( manufactured in Minnesota and New Jersey respectively).

We continue to work with our patients utilizing hearing products purchased through AARP’s Medicare Supplement plan’s ( United Health Care’s ) formerly  “hi Health Innovations” now EPIC – UHC Hearing, TruHearing,  Nations Hearing and other suppliers that are not licensed to operate in Indiana.    These programs, similar to what some supplemental health insurance plans are utilizing as online “middle man” for the purchase of their hearing instruments, in lieu of providing direct insurance coverage for hearing loss and hearing aids.    We (Audiologists and hearing care specialists) still provide the professional services (testing, hearing aid evaluations, fitting and follow up care) but the purchase of the instruments are through a third party, which may or may not be a financial advantage.

Low cost alternative now abound on the internet, but studies have shown that the end product delivered to the consumer often lacks the quality or meets the needs of the hearing impaired individual.    Cost vs. benefit sometimes is not refundable.   What appeared to have a trial period, doesn’t.   Regretfully, as the AARP group often warns, buyer beware!    Work with a knowledgeable, local professional to ensure quality care for the long term.

Note:   major companies such as BOSE were proposing hearing products that would be available to the consumer directly, with acceptance by the FDA, have started to either eliminate or cancel the production of their products.   Consumers can still buy hearing assistance products and amplifiers on line, but regretfully are finding that they do not meet their hearing needs in the long run.   They are good for listening to television (in lieu of just turning up the volume on the television) or hearing casual conversations in a quiet background at home or at the office.

Additional local advantages:

> Upgrade your hearing and save money.     Financing is often available through your bank or savings institution, or through companies such as “Care Credit”

Or!  Basic hearing help is available for as little as $140.00 with headset amplifiers available at BestBuy or online major suppliers (be sure they are established, in case you want your money back).   Instead of turning up the volume on the TV and blasting everyone out of the room, consider a supplemental, volume controlled miniature amplifier.   Other options can range up to $400 depending on your hearing needs.   Not to be confused with an actual hearing aid which will help compensate for a permanent hearing loss, these devices only increase the volume for select listening situations.   Email us for information at,   or call 1 800 832 0290 and reference this web site.   Local clientelle only (northeast Indiana).       For a free hearing screening and / or consultation at any of our sites, call  1 800 832 0290 or locally at 426 3409  (260)  to schedule an appointment.

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