Online purchasing ex. Hearing Planet, Epic, ….

At this time there are not any substantial websites that offer quality, direct purchase products.   Plus, compensating for your hearing loss involves an assessment of the extent of your hearing loss to determine what portion of the hearing spectrum has been compromised.  If just turning up the TVs volume compensates for your hearing loss, then relatively inexpensive amplifiers are available at stores (Best Buy, Radio Shack, or professional Audiology offices) giving you the advantage to return the items that don’t work.   But, if conversations are compromised it may be more then a simple amplifier or personal listening device such as what you can buy at Walgreen’s for 30 dollars, or on line for 300.  These items generally end up in a dresser drawer within 3 months.

We provide professional support services for online sites like Hearing Planet that utilize Audiologists to access the extent of someone’s hearing loss, counsel the individual as to their actual loss and then make a recommendation based on their hearing needs.  Hearing aid trial use is available to allow the individual to hear the actual benefit and then make a judgement based on their experience vs. speculating what benefit they will or will not get from their investment.   Plus, you will not be confronted with a sales or retail situation where the primary intent is the sale not the solution.

Costs depend on the amount or level of technology needed to address your hearing loss and your hearing needs.   For now it may be a conventional form of amplification (hearing aids) for home, work or social activities.   And this could be adjusted according to your experience(s) and initial use of hearing aids.   Upgrades within the first 60 days involve only paying the cost difference between what you purchased and the next level of technology.   Plus, with the use of current digital circuitry, computer adjustments can often address the needed changes in hearing aid operation to improve hearing in select or critical listening situations.

Costs:     in addition we offer a $50 dollar  discount per instrument ($100 for two hearing aids) off the cost of a Hearing Planet or similar website product if purchased through our office.

Provider:   we provide Audiological evaluations, consultations and dispensing services for most online sites.   Call our Fort Wayne office at (260) 426 3409  or  800 832 0290 or text us 260 433 9111 to schedule an appointment in Fort Wayne, Wabash or any of our service centers in Northeast Indiana ( Auburn, Berne, Kendallville, Warren or Warsaw).   Or, email us at

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